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We provide pesky tree root removal in Lafayette LA. A mature tree’s roots can extend out as far as 12 feet or more in order to give the tree a strong foundation. While it’s great that the tree has structural integrity, at times the roots can grow further than we would like. They may begin to grow above ground, destroy structures, or interfere with the growth of other plants. Dealing with these kinds of roots can be very difficult and bothersome. Keep reading to learn more about our tree root removal process.

Tree Root Removal Service in Lafayette LA, Why Remove Roots?

Tree root removal is a task best left to the professionals. Incorrect trimming or removing can affect the water flow from the root to the tree, the structural integrity or soundness of the tree and cause need for bracing, and/or even critically damage or kill the tree, in which case we would need to cut down the tree entirely. It’s absolutely essential that a safe and knowledgeable approach is taken to prune or remove tree roots. With the right approach, we can preserve the health and beauty of your trees

Hazards of Tree Roots

When tree roots begin to grow in undesirable directions like into a sewer line, septic tank, or under a sidewalk, it’s important to trace it back to the base of the tree. If it is a major root (larger in diameter than two inches), removal may prevent the tree from getting valuable nutrients and water that it needs to survive. If it’s a minor root (smaller in diameter than two inches), it can most likely be pruned without problem. A general rule of thumb is that roots 3-5 times the diameter away from the tree are safe to prune. Roots close to or fused to the trunk of the tree can never be touched as they are integral to the tree’s structure.

Once the root has been traced back and assessed as minor, we can mark the area to be cut. We then dig around and along the root to expose it as much as possible. After exposing the root, we use a saw or shears to prune the root. Upon removal of the root, we install a root barrier in front of the structure we want to protect. The depth and size of the root barrier will depend on the type of structure. This barrier will prevent the root from re-growing or growing offshoots in the same direction. Upon installation of the barrier, we refill the hole and level out the area. Depending on the location, we can also reseed and water the area to ensure quick regrowth.

It’s important to keep in mind that root removal should be reserved only for roots that are damaging or infringing on essential structures. If you would like to remove a root for aesthetic reasons, there are usually other available options or techniques.

Why Choose Lafayette Tree Co

If your tree’s roots have become unmanageable or are threatening to damage a structure on your property, give us a call for safe pruning or removal. Our ICA certified botanists will assess the tree and execute the removal in a safe and healthy way for the tree. We have all the appropriate tools and equipment to do the job right. Our prices are fair and honest, and we always giving you the price upfront. You’ll never be confronted with hidden fees or add-ons.

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