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Best Time To Remove Trees – Tree removal Service – Lafayette LA

When Is the Best Time of Year to Remove Trees?

When is the best time of year to remove a tree? Let’s be honest. It’s never a good time to remove a cherished tree.

Nevertheless, if the tree is dying, decayed, or already dead, removing it is the best option.

By removing a damaged or dying tree, you can protect your home, family, and property from any potential safety hazards or tree emergencies. There’s no telling when a sick or weak tree may fall over, so it’s best to get it removed on your terms.

While removing a tree is never easy, removing it at the right time will prevent an emergency situation and make the process much smoother.

So, what’s the best time of year to cut down trees?

If you notice a tree is heavily leaning, has roots upheaving, or poses a risk to nearby structures or passersby, you should have it looked at by a certified arborist as soon as possible. In any of these cases, you should have the tree assessed immediately, no matter the time of year.

Another instance where rapid tree removal may be necessary is if the tree is diseased or infested, which could spread to nearby trees and vegetation. Depending on the geographical location and time of year, a tree may be susceptible to diseases like powdery mildew and other fungi. Again, in this situation it’s best to act fast.

If the situation is less urgent, the best times of year to remove trees is during the dormant season (between late winter and early spring).

Colder temperatures make tree removal more environmentally friendly

Due to cold or freezing temperatures, trees will generally be leafless and relatively lighter. The lack of foliage will help a certified arborist handle the tree with care.

Removal during these months is also advantageous for the soil and plants around the tree. Colder ground temperatures mean the surrounding earth will be less impacted during the removal process. Frozen ground will help other plants and landscape to stay intact and not be adversely affected by the removal.

Even if you don’t live in a region with really cold winters, where deciduous trees appear clearly dormant, most trees will still be easier to remove during the dormant season. Cutting down trees or trunks in the spring or fall will put a lot of stress on the tree. An exposed trunk will be susceptible to disease and rot. It’s best to have it fully removed by a professional.


Stormy and a windy months experience a spike in tree services.

Due to rainy and stormy weather in late spring and early summer, tree service companies can get quite busy. If weak or sickly trees get hit by a storm, they are more likely to break and fall over, causing harm and possibly emergency situations. Most tree companies will be pretty busy, meaning you prices might increase a bit during this time of year.

Is there a season of the year when it is cheaper to cut down a tree?

There are many factors that go into deciding the cost of removing a tree. The total cost may depend on the tree’s size, location, and species, not necessarily the time of year.

Another major deciding factor will be the quality of service you expect to receive. There are several inexperienced tree cutters around, but most won’t have the knowledge, equipment, or expertise to get the job done safely and efficiently. Be weary of low-ball pricing, which most likely doesn’t insure the workers. All our workers are licensed and certified ISA arborists that put a great deal of attention into every job and the well-being of your trees.

In Conclusion: One Size Doesn’t Fit The Bill

Each tree will have different removal requirements. No matter the situation, it’s always best to contact a tree service professional in Lafayette with the appropriate equipment and experience. With a proper assessment, we can ensure the removal will have a desirable result. There may be a better time to remove a specific tree, and the best way to find out is to seek help from a tree removal company.

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