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Emergency Tree Service Lafayette LA

Tree Services Lafayette is the best solution for a quick, dependable, and professional response to all of your tree emergency needs. We specialize in danger neutralization, hazardous tree removal, and time-sensitive tree removal jobs. Emergency tree removal in Lafayette LA performed by a certified arborist is the best choice for your safety and the value of your property. We can remove any tree on your residential or commercial property, 24 hours a day. To learn more about the most common reasons for emergency tree removal services, please read the section below. 

Tree Removal Emergencies

The reasons for emergency tree removal services can be divided into two categories: a safety hazard or time-sensitive tree removal. 

emergency tree service lafayette

Safety Hazards

• A tree damaged by a storm: storms can happen in any season, causing many different kinds of damage. Often when a tree is old, structurally weak, or the storm is especially severe, it can easily fall or crack. Strong winds can break off branches or blow entire trees over, heavy snows can weigh down  branches until they crack, and lightning can split trunks, causing them to lean or fall. In these cases, generally the entire tree or the fallen branches must be cut up and removed.

• A diseased, declining, or dead tree poses a threat to people/property: Emergency tree removal is also necessary as a preventative measure. If a tree is split, has cracked branches, or is leaning at more than a 15-degree angle, it should be removed to prevent damage to property or humans.

Time-sensitive tree removal

• Trees, limbs, or stumps are jeopardizing a construction schedule.

• Dying trees, hanging limbs, or unsightly stumps are harming a property sale, open house, or close on a property. 

• An insurance company or city official has mandated an immediate tree removal on your property. 

• A commercial property needs a tree to be removed outside of business hours. 

Emergency Prevention

There are several ways that you can protect your trees and prevent common safety hazards resulting from storms and old age.

Mulching: If your area has many severe seasonal storms, the root systems of your trees could be compromised. To give your trees an extra layer of protection from high winds, you can cover the base of the tree with mulch. It will help keep your tree rooted firmly.

• Pruning: Trees with dense foliage obstruct more wind and are much more likely to break than those with fewer leaves and branches. By pruning your tree, you can reduce the risk of it suffering damage during storms. Professionals can prune the trees to reduce the drag they create, protecting them and you, from damage.

• Bracing/Cabling: For young trees with developing root systems or established trees with structural issues, you can prop, brace, or cable the tree to help it withstand strong winds and severe storms.

In an Emergency Choose Lafayette Tree Service

Regardless of the situation, whether it be a safety hazard or a limited time window, Tree Services Lafayette will be there to resolve the issue 24 hours per day. We also provide affordable rates. We are not like some companies who take advantage of an emergency and apply surge rates. Our greatest aim is to provide excellent, affordable services right when you need it most. Our insured and certified arborists can deal with any and all tree-related situations that life can bring your way. Give us a call for a free consultation today!


If you have any further questions about tree care removal, or whether or not Tree Services Lafayette is the right tree care removal company for you, just give us a call. We’re happy to give you a free consultation!

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