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Lafayette Tree Co is the leading tree services company. We’ve been happily providing tree maintenance services to clients in Lafayette, Louisisna for more than 10 years! Call or fill the form below for a free estimate.

Lafayette Tree Co - Your Local Tree Service Experts

We’re a proud locally owned and operated tree service company dedicated to quick, easy, and dependable tree maintenance services, emergency tree removal, land clearing, and more. Our reputation for providing excellent customer service is important to us, and we hope it’s important to you as well. You can rely on us to take care of any and all of your tree care and tree maintenance needs. We provide residential and commercial tree care to Lafayette and its surrounding areas. No matter what the size, we can handle it! Give us a call for a free quote on our tree care solutions!

Tree Services We Offer In Lafayette Parish

Let’s go through some of the tree services we offer in the Lafayette, Louisiana area: 

Our greatest concern is to maintain the health and the beauty of your trees. But, sometimes, a tree is damaged or diseased beyond repair and can become a liability for the safety of you and your family or customers. In this case, it can be necessary to hire a tree removal company to take out part or all of the tree. This can make way for other plants and vegetation to flourish or it can allow for new trees to be planted. Tree removal itself can be dangerous , so we execute all removals with the utmost attention to safety. We remove the tree as close as possible to the ground. If needed, we can also remove the stump using special machinery.

Got multiple trees? Need land clearing services? No problem. Our best tree service in Lafayette can take care of them for you at a better rate.

We provide many different options for trimming and pruning to keep your trees looking as healthy and beautiful as possible. Trimming and pruning is essential for maintaining your trees’ health , encouraging growth, and helping them to retain their natural beauty. It’s very important to hire a professional for your trimming and pruning needs, as trimming your trees yourself can cause major damage. Our landscape contractors have all the necessary equipment to get to those hard-to-reach places. We offer hazardous tree assessment, corrective pruning, elevating, and deadwooding services. Not sure what exactly your trees need? Give us a call and we can recommend the best method to keep your trees looking happy and healthy.

We provide comprehensive stump grinding and removal services. Tree stump removal can be time-consuming and frustrating when done without specialized equipment. Often, trees are cut at full maturity, meaning the roots extend deep into the soil. This makes it very difficult to remove the stump fully. We have extensive experience with the stump removal process of trees large and small . Depending on the size of the tree, we can either remove it by hand or by using a stump grinder. Smaller trees can be removed in as little as a couple of hours. Give us a call and we’ll give you a quick time estimate!

When disaster strikes, it’s important to get emergency tree removal services when necessary. Sometimes strong winds or storms can cause branches, a large tree limb, or a fallen tree to become a major hazard. Fallen trees can block roads, crash through windows or roofs, destroy cars, fall into swimming pools, cars, etc. For this reason, we offer 24/7 emergency tree and limb removal services . Give us a call and we will provide emergency service for you immediately. We know how stressful it can be when an errant tree damages your property, so we make it a priority to respond quicker than the competition. With years of experience, we’ve seen it all. We can quickly and efficiently clean up any and every type of damage caused by fallen trees.

An adult tree’s roots extend out far and wide in order to give the tree a strong foundation. However, at times the roots can grow further than we would like. They can grow above ground and begin to destroy structures or interfere with the growth of other plants. Dealing with these kinds of roots can be very difficult and sometimes requires fully professional tree removal. If trimmed or removed incorrectly, the tree’s water flow can be affected, or it can become unstable and fall. If your tree’s roots have become unmanageable, give us a call for safe trimming and removal. We’ll assess the tree and execute the removal in a safe and healthy way for the tree.

Oftentimes trees can become hazardous due to poor structure. The tree can be top-heavy due to larger than normal branches, a lopsided canopy, poorly connected crotches, or even a branch that moves a lot due to high winds. Ideally, most homeowners want prefer tree preservation to tree removal, so in these cases cabling and bracing can be a great solution to save your tree and to protect your property from damage.

Why Choose Lafayette Tree Co?

Tree Maintenance Experience

With more than 10 years of experience we have seen it all. We specialize in all aspects of tree work from big tree and stump removals to aesthetic trimming and pruning. If you’re not sure what exactly your trees need, give us a call. Our team starts each and every tree maintenance job with a free consultation to discover your desires and goals.

Our Reputation

Because we’re a locally owned and operated company, our reputation is supremely important to us. Your experience should be pleasant and stress-free. We pay very close attention to the details and special needs of every project to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied.

Insured & Certified

Each and every one of our ISA certified arborists are committed to you and the health and safety of your trees. Beyond that, we are a recognized and accredited tree care company. Our Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) accreditation allows us to provide absolute expertise and professionalism to every tree care project.


Not only can we offer you great care and knowledge, we also strive to make our services as affordable as possible. We provide free, no-obligation tree maintenance estimates, a thorough consultation, and upfront pricing. There are no hidden fees or extra charges. The price you are quoted is the price you pay.

What Are The Benefits of Tree Trimming?

Tree Health

Trimming your trees can help them to stay healthy. By removing diseased, dying, or already dead branches you can prevent the spread of further decay. Trees will not only benefit from the increase in exposure to sun and air circulation, they will also be able to grow new and healthy branches.

Tree’s Appearance

Trimming down or pruning your tree’s branches can improve its appearance and the appearance of your property. Overgrown branches that hang down and crowd other plants can be unsightly and make a property look abandoned or uncared for. On the other hand, a trim and well-maintained tree can really improve the appearance of a property.

Increases Sunlight to Other Plants

Pruning your trees permits surrounding plants to receive the sunlight they badly need to flourish. Overgrown hanging branches can shade the radius around them making it difficult to plant other plants nearby. Upon removing overgrown branches, new and existing plants have the chance to thrive below the tree.

Reduce Risks & Hazards

A well-trimmed tree can reduce the risk of hazards or accidents. Unpruned trees can interfere with power lines, reduce visibility for drivers, and pose a risk of injury from falling dead branches. In storms they can also break off and damage buildings or passersby.

Promotes Good Tree Structure/Shape

Pruning has many benefits for your trees’ structure and shape, especially when they are young. With professional tree pruning, you can guide the growth of your new trees. It also improves the structure of the branches and compensates for root loss

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Your Go-To Arborists In Lafayette, LA

What To Look For In A Good Tree Service Company

What should you look for when searching for a great tree service company? First of all, make sure that the company has many years of experience and has a crew of ISA certified arborists. The staff should have ISA certification or TCIA accreditation. You want expertise and good advice when assessing the health and needs of your trees. Removal should always be the last resort.

Secondly, you want to make sure that the company uses adequate safety equipment. They should be able to isolate the tree they are working on and safely and securely complete the job. Proper climbing equipment and machinery is essential in the tree services business. In addition to proper equipment, ensuring they have good insurance is key. Tree care can be a dangerous business, making good insurance a must.

Unlike some other companies, we have an absolute commitment to safety. Our arborist crews are ISA certified, receive extensive safety training, and are all insured.


Our mission: Excellent customer service, highest quality tree care, affordable pricing, and long-lasting customer relationships.

Our mission is to improve the lives of our customers through excellent customer service, the highest quality tree care available in Lafayette, and affordable pricing. Don’t take our word for it, see how our rates compare with our competitors like: Green Leaf Tree Service, Scotts Tree Service, and Green Leaf Tree. We strive to create long-term and long-lasting relationships with our customers. We hope to become and continue to be the best and fastest growing tree service company in Lafayette, and eventually Louisiana. We will achieve this due to our high levels of customer satisfaction, our quality workmanship, and our dedication to excellence.

Additionally, we hope to provide educational opportunities to our customers and the community about the importance of trees, plant pathology, tree care services, and the way that they impact humans and the environment. Our continued success will depend greatly on our strong reputation for workmanship and our customers’ responsible and knowledgeable choices when it comes to tree care.


If you have any further questions about tree care removal, or whether or not we are the right tree care removal company for you, just give us a call. We’re happy to give you a free consultation!

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